3 Simple Way to Go Green – House

If you care about environment, you can reuse and recycle however you must not forget to be cautious in the use of energy.

Believe it can save more energy and go green by doing a simple way to cut your energy consume to reduce your bill and helping environment

1. Turn off the water heater and heating

you can use a timer for heating use. That way, they keep the house warm in the morning

2. Turn off your electronic device

“Everything smells technology improve your bills,”

Yes, the gadget does contribute to making the energy consumption is higher.

To that end, leave the television in a state of stand-by and let the powered electronic equipment will only add to the burden of bills.

When you get back to work and school, you need to ensure we have shut down the entire electronic device before you left your house

3. Replace regular bulbs with LED

Simply put, by replacing the lamp, you can give changes and big savings. In addition, LED lights also last two times longer than ordinary bulbs.