Aeration Methods For Cheap Compost Bins

Oygenation is a method to accelerate the composting process for the organic waste. It is just one of many techniques you should use in conjunction with each other. Additionally, it produces greater quality compost which your soil will like! With this article I’ll focus on this aspect only.

Consider your compost like a tightly packed mass of natural matter. The denser things are packed greater it’s for stuff to maneuver and grow, or perhaps in our situation decompose.

Oygenation cuts down on the density and enables more air to get involved with the middle of the mass, that is normally stop from the good flow of oxygen. Think about whenever a fire has been began, you’ll always have to fan it or blow onto it to ensure that the fireplace to develop bigger. It’s the same idea with oygenation and compost.

Turning Your Compost

Probably the most fundamental method to aerate your compost would be to transform it. After piling up within a compost bin, make use of a turning fork or perhaps a pitch fork about once every week to show it, which will accelerate the composting process.

If you wish to be really aggressive concerning the composting process use a compost thermometer to appraise the temperature. Once it will get below the minimum temperature (optimum temperatures are 135-160F) you need to start to transform it.

The only real problem with turning would be that the piles could possibly get quite heavy should you build these to large, and therefore take lots of effort and to show.

I wish to Aerate however i can’t stand pitchforks! What shall I actually do??

For individuals people non-sports types, don’t be concerned. There’s a tool known as a compost aerator which causes it to be easy to aerate without turning. It’s essentially a pole with a set of wings / spikes in the finish. The best way to utilize it is plunge the pole into the center of your pile, then similar to the way a barbed arrow works, whenever you pull it support the sharp bits will fluff up your main compost letting oxygen in.

Permanently I’m keen on is applying PVC pipes with holes drilled alongside every couple of inches. The very best size I discovered is all about 2 “, any bigger may have too large of an opportunity to lower the temperature an excessive amount of. You can put a couple of of those pipes once you have chock-full your cheap compost bin with organic waste.