Are Universities Researching Green Tech Milking the System for Multiyear Projects and Funding?

Well, I am definitely not against eco-friendly tech or renewable power technologies, not whatsoever. Indeed, In my opinion that anytime that you can do some thing effectively, with less carbon dioxide it is a positive thing. However, we have all heard that there might be an excessive amount of a positive thing, but that’s happening with the funding, subsidizing, and massive levels of research dollars flowing into eco-friendly technologies.

Worse, it seems that lots of College Research Departments are completely pushing the machine, and dealing for multiyear projects and ongoing funding, wishing it’ll continue indefinitely. The truth is it cannot, we can not manage to keep funding research without discoveries. Frequently I’ll quiz a college investigator focusing on some kind of renewable power project, and I’ll request her or him an issue – they’ll let me know that they do not know the solution and they have i never thought of this question, which their funding is perfect for a particular facet of their research. I check this out being an excuse.

Being an entrepreneur this bothers me greatly because I understand if I wish to remain in business and run my opportunity, and never get broadsided by regulating changes, or changes available on the market or using the competition for your matter, which i have to know each and every possible detail, and have the ability to answer each and every question in the drop of the hat. Basically can’t do this, I won’t succeed over time, and to be honest I would not be sufficiently good to do what I am doing.

It’s hard that i can suppose we do not hold academia and therefore are college scientists towards the same high standard because the marketplace holds entrepreneur’s ft towards the fire. Actually, maybe college scientists require more leeway to request more questions, or they have to start thinking a lot more like entrepreneurs, and take more notes, and find out more about their subject material. The way in which it’s if a person that knows nothing regarding their research, someone much like me, can request the question that they have i never thought of, despite the fact that they spent ten years researching that micro-niche within the scientific community, then something is wrong.

Actually, it appears in my experience that something is really wrong, that possibly it should not be my tax dollars having to pay for this. I’m all for pure research, but I’d like some results, and that i want the most effective scientists money can purchase, not people who are simply attempting to take in money without performance. Within the free marketplace if you do not perform you’re out a company, and also you go under. Entrepreneurs are thus held to some greater standard, and instructed to compete and perform. Should not we expect exactly the same from your college research departments? I believe we ought to.