Benefits and impacts in Reuse and Recycle Garbage


Garbage is an inanimate object that can no longer be used. The trash that we see must be very many types. Starting from food and beverage waste, plastic waste, household, and industrial waste and many more. If we ignore the waste and not dispose of it in its place, it will cause damage to nature. For this reason, be aware of disposing of trash properly.


  1. Throwing Garbage in The River

Lots of city people who live beside the river always throw garbage every day. Thus causing damage to nature that can harm many people. Such as flood disaster is the main problem that often occurs. If all people do not throw garbage in the river, surely the river is not polluted and will not cause a flood disaster.

  1. Evaluation of Regulations and Legislation

Evaluation related to waste problems is an important concern. Because the problem of waste should not be underestimated by the community and the government. In general, the government has established a waste management and environmental hygiene agency that handles waste and sewage issues. But it needs evaluation and maximum performance, especially when it comes to people who don’t comply with waste matters.

  1. Garbage with a million benefits

If we understand that trash is taken for granted by everyone. Food, cosmetics, and so on we often throw away. In the sense that the goods are ready to use throw away. If it is understood that waste has a million benefits, it can even generate money. It’s like a carpenter picking up trash to collect it and then selling it at a flea market. The result must be money.

In addition, waste is also recycled to be sold or used according to needs, which is also beneficial and makes money. Such as for animal feed, plant feed, sources of electricity and others. But people’s understanding of the importance of awareness of waste is still ignored. For this reason, proper literacy socialization is needed for waste and its benefits.

So many of the benefits and impact if ignored. Because waste is very important for human life. This must be followed by awareness in disposing and recycling.