Buying firewood

I stored your shed on my small previous property in the boonies warm, well sort

of warm, utilizing a pretty efficient modern slow

combustion wood heater. I had been revegetating the block there wasn’t much

wood lounging around so consequently I had been purchasing extra wood in. I did not want to

discover where it originated from.

When travelling to the town eventually, I observed a nearby player was

reducing windbreak trees. Trees for the reason that area grow very gradually and those

being felled were decades old. It absolutely was an undesirable season because of the continuing

drought so he was cutting them lower to market as fire wood.

I felt sorry for him he needed to do this type of factor. It struck me – was

the wood I purchased acquired from the similar battling player? Individuals trees are extremely

essential for reducing soil erosion by serving as windbreak. Removing trees

also adds to salinity from our atmosphere and intervenes with

movement of water underneath the surface. Trees offer added fertility towards the

soil once they drop leaves and branches, plus habitat and shelter for creatures.

This player was really most likely leading to themself more long-term problems –

when the soil was poor before he cut lower the trees it will likely be a whole lot worse

after doing this. However, he was caught from a rock and difficult place


Next time you are purchasing wood request concerning the source – will it originate from a

wood lot (renewable resource) or perhaps is it from general clearing?

Maqui berry farmers have to be urged to create aside land for wood lot reasons in order to

extend the depth of windbreaks just just in case later on they have to harvest

some trees to obtain them from a good financial place instead of obvious what

little protection their land has in occasions of drought.

Also determine how far the wood continues to be shipped from attempt to source

it relatively in your area – sometimes, it might be moved 100s of

miles, passing on an additional fossil fuel footprint.

Handy fire wood purchasing tip:

Make sure the timber you purchase is dry. Moist or “eco-friendly” timber will

create more smoke and co2 pollutants. You will also repay to 25% more

whenever you consider water weight. The simplest method to gauge if wood is

reasonably dry is thru seem. Rap on the sample piece together with your knuckles. Dry

wood should create a “toc, toc” type seem whereas eco-friendly wood can make

much more of a dull thumping seem.

Picking up your own wood

You will find a couple of important suggests keep in mind when picking up your own



Never, ever trespass onto someone’s land to gather wood – when the land owner is

anything much like me, he’s prone to notice dimly … at best. You will not simply be

vulnerable to being punished for trespass, but additionally thievery… among other

undesirable possible effects for example harm to your automobile or person

caused through the irate player or land owner.

Even collecting wood from roadsides is definitely an offence so you can examine

together with your local government bodies about whether it’s allowable and when you will need a

special permit.

Dead trees

Dead trees still standing  may appear just like a great candidate to have an axe or perhaps a

chainsaw, but they may be important habitats for wild birds along with other animals that

utilise hollows for protection or nesting reasons. These hollows may take

decades to create and therefore are prime property of these animals. Dead trees also

attract bugs that other animals may feast on.

Fallen wood

Just like dead trees, fallen wood is really a habitat for a lot of animals. When I was

gathering wood on my small current property and realizing all of the bugs, it dawned on me

it wasn’t smart to obvious a whole section of fallen wood with this

reason – to depart some behind. Furthermore, the wood also adds nourishment to

the soil because it breaks down.


Rather than purchasing or collecting wood, consider wood pellets. They are

generally produced from compressed saw dust and therefore are a consequence of milling procedures.

Given their density and low moisture content, they’ve excellent combustion

efficiency, burning very cleanly.