Eco Friendly Living and Space

If we getting to do future spaceflight and colonization, we’ve to feed the crew. Period. that straightforward . As you’ll imagine, endless supply lines with cargo ships isn’t gonna do the trick. Just not practical. we’d like something on site, a bit like here on earth, something recyclable and something that does not need an entire lot of resupplying. That’s where aquaculture, more specific Aquaponics comes into play. A loop Aquaponics system can produce needed vegetables and a spread of seafood, it doesn’t need tons of “topping off”, and powered with solar panels, its gonna be almost independent . As I said before, we’ll get into details with other articles along the way.

Now, lets check out Farming and Gardening in space. Aquaponics is ok , but we also need some sustainable food production at the location of any colony. Of course, at the start it’ll probably be more on a gardening scale, instead of an outsized farming operation. there’s in fact the question of soil availability and quality. However, with new technology and a few twisting of the available soil, its not gonna be too difficult to supply healthy sturdy growing beds. a couple of flowers, to relax the decoration would be nice too. NASA, several universities, also as private space companies have already began to run experiments along those lines.

Last, but not least, the energy problem. Its clear and straightforward , that we’d like a gentle renewable energy supply to form all those things happen. Solar panels are a given, but lets not forget that we will also use wind energy on other planets. Since there are storms on mars, some sort of wind turbines are definitely an opportunity . There also are tons of other ways to make energy, but as said before, we’ll get into details later.

So, whenever from now on, once you attend to your garden or farm, otherwise you check on your Aquaponics system, believe the chances to possess all this performing on other planets or moons. Who knows, one among you would possibly just come up with a breakthrough.