Environment issue : Ocean Pollution

Fast pollution is unprecedented in recent history, the oceans of the earth. modifications in ocean chemistry 100 times

Ocean Pollution
Ocean Pollution

quicker than it ever was in the past 650,000 years. Algae and jellyfish spread. Coral and fish die. Go to the beach and you’re likely to discover the smell of rotting fish, and said he was not suitable for swimming. People are afraid to eat tuna and salmon and other fish. Ocean pollution comparable to the warming effect of the preservation of this planet as we know it these days.

Is it essential to clean up ocean pollution? Contamination, such as sanitation, cleaning, agricultural fertilizers, pesticides, animal waste and carbon dioxide poisoning us. Oil spills and heavy metals like mercury, cadmium and lead, which is derived from fossil fuels threatens the health of fish and humans. Chemicals such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and dioxins, the primary contaminants. How to clean the ocean has turn out to be an essential problem for researchers.

Acidification of the other big change in the seas is accelerating rapidly, it threatens the survival of coral reefs and shellfish. In a recent report by marine scientists Panel Symposium held in Monaco in October 2008 was a dire predictions that increasing acidity is more affected by marine ecosystems and food supply chain directly affects half the world population.

This essential conference on the ocean at high CO2 world “, which is based on sound scientific discoveries and signed by 155 scientists from 26 countries.

H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, a extremely concerned citizen and environmentalist recognized as the world attended the conference, and a staunch supporter of the Declaration, which calls on world leaders to instantly focus on the potentially substantial issues of marine pollution.

Threat to global health, the immune system, brain function and mental deterioration of their IQ, and increasing the likelihood of particular kinds of cancer can be much better understood and recognized.

The challenge is clear. More is required to develop the technologies for all kinds of pollution, pollution in the ocean, which is 1 of the most essential. Decreasing the burning of fossil fuels is essential to decrease global warming and ocean pollution that threatens our lives and our future. The urgency to solve the big issue is clearly visible.

Not my deep concern about the future of the planet, I wrote a new book, Rescue, a novel, focuses on the growing dangers of the earth, like global warming and global pollution by sweeping the world. It provides a answer to a main crisis that awaits us, and invites the public to enhance their participation, assist stop the burning of fossil fuels.