Fact About septic tank cleaners

Fact About septic tank cleanersChances are that most will only ever give their septic tank a second thought when the almost unthinkable happens and the system has to be repaired, replaced or scrapped altogether due to a blockage or breakage. Sadly however, what the same “most” also don’t seem to realize is that the way in which the natural standard is to use harsh, chemical-based cleaning and treatment products to clean septic tanks, also have the potential to cause more harm than good.

In fact, some might argue that the worst cleaners and treatments of the bunch are worse than the general contents of the septic tank as a whole – not a pretty picture!

Proper Function: In a septic tank that is working properly, the waste material transferred to it is broken down, turned to liquid and reduced in odor by way of a natural process. The key word here of course being “natural”, therefore common sense would dictate that in order to speed up and assist this natural process along, the only products to use for cleaning and maintenance should also be natural products.

Nevertheless, millions continue to clean septic tanks up and down the country using any number of products and preparations that are about a million miles from natural. Unsurprising therefore that many of their septic tanks for “some reason” then begin to play up and refuse to do their job properly, leaving their respective owners wondering what on Earth they did wrong.

Improper Function: The simple fact of the matter is that use of a non-organic septic tank cleaner can do little other than upset the balance of the natural process needed to break down the waste it contains. In fact, the use and indeed overuse of harsh agents and chemicals like bleach, detergent and disinfectant can prevent the natural process from occurring altogether, and thus lead to a septic tank that serves no useful purpose whatsoever.

This is precisely why those looking to enjoy efficient, clean and odor free septic tanks really do have little choice other than to opt for 100% natural and organic septic tank cleaner and care products across the board.

The Organic way: It comes as no surprise to learn that the natural way is by far the best, but what never fails to surprise is just how long the list of benefits is that comes with using purely organic septic tank cleaner. Along with excellent everyday function and the promise of odor free septic tanks, the natural route to cleaning and maintenance also offers:

Excellent control of methane gas production.
Prevention of pipe blockages.
Ease of draining.
Ease of future cleaning.
Neutralization of any harmful chemicals present.
100% safety for all metal and plastic materials.
Safer for human and animal contact.
Faster degradation of organic matter.
…and the list goes on.

More for Less: Given the way in which an elite organic septic tank cleaner can be picked up for no more than a standard toxic chemical example, there is simply no reason to cut corners on health, safety and the performance of the tank itself…period.

Summary: This article represents a brief discussion of the key reasons why an organic septic tank cleaning product would be vastly superior to a standard chemical alternative. It brings into account the performance of the tank, the safety of the product and also the potential for cost-savings.