Go Green Lawn Care Tips

Give your grass seed products a fighting chance – Rather than flowing on chemical-filled growth supplements, make sure your lawn is freed from debris and employ spike-thonged sandals to aerate rather than gas-guzzling machines. (You will preserve contaminants in the air and obtain a good work out in!) Use compost out of your organic composting pile to fertilize or help make your own.

Homemade Organic Fertilizer

4 parts seed meal or seafood meal

1 part dolomite lime

1 part rock phosphate or ½ part bone meal

1 part algae meal

Help make your own organic pesticide – To repel unwanted pests out of your lawn you will need a mixture by having an appalling taste. Create an oil, cleaning soap or vegetable based mixture to make use of in your garden.

Oil Mixture

1 c. oil (canola or vegetable)

1 tablespoons of. liquid dish-washing cleaning soap without any additional chemicals

Dilute 2 ½ teaspoon. from the oil mixture with 1 cup water. Spray around the surfaces of leaves.

Cleaning soap Mixture

Mix 3 teaspoon. of liquid dish-washing cleaning soap (without any additional chemicals) with 1 gallon water. Spray around the surfaces of foliage to avoid the unwanted pests from feeding. To obtain a heavy pests, spray every three days for 2 days.

Garlic clove & Pepper Mixture

½ c. hot all kinds of peppers

½ c. garlic clove cloves

2 c. water

Mix elements inside a obvious glass jar and seal tightly. Put the jar inside a sunny location and allow it to steep for twenty-four hrs. Strain the mix and spray in your yard.

Help make your own weed killer – Prior to the killing spree starts, it’s useful to notice that some weeds tend to be more helpful than their status suggests. Plantain, for instance, is an excellent bug bite treatment while dandelion are really healthy vegetables that may be put into a proper meal! Heck, you may also ground-up dandelion roots making some coffee.

But when you are insistent on killing the weeds inside your garden, think about a vinegar solution. The acetic acidity within the vinegar burns the weed’s foliage on impact and temporarily reduces the pH from the soil which causes it to be a hardship on weeds to re-populate.

To kill weeds with vinegar, mix a teaspoon. of dish-washing cleaning soap with single serving of vinegar to assist it stick. Spray or pour the vinegar mixture to the weeds fostering to prevent any plants that you won’t want to kill. For the best results, do that on the dry sunny day.

Exceed Grass – Whether it requires mass amounts of herbicides, pesticide sprays along with other lawn care maintenance and also hardwearing . lawn searching beautiful, consider alternative lawn covers for example moss, clover as well as native plants. By trading in native plants, you are able to reduce the amount of invasive species you need to battle to conserve a healthy lawn and surrounding eco-system.