Go Green Tips – Go Green At Office

The world community on race campaign chanted “Go Green”. Invites all human beings to care about the fate of this beloved earth. Including you, let us participate in the scope of most small first. One of them, yes in the workplace. Start with yourself. From cubicles (desk) of your own. Want to know how? Consider just the following things you can do to support save our planet Earth!

Save paper
In matters of employment, the use of paper seems inseparable from daily necessities, like you need food to fill the stomach. As obligatory for using paper in order to support their daily work. For example, to make a report to superiors, preparing materials and meeting weekly meetings in the office. Of course, you will print all results from earlier reports and materials on paper, is not it?

When you work in the world of sales, or sales and marketing, which requires you to make presentations to clients, you can bet you’ll need to print so much paper sheet proposal. Not to mention, when working in the finance department, where this section often use a lot of paper as proof of income-expenditure report-payment of vendor-salary employees, and more.

Well, one of the efforts that you can do individually is to have advance awareness to downsize the use of paper. When you do not have to print it out on paper, better not. Just use scrap paper that are no longer used for your use.

Make sure that you prepare in advance of presentation materials you need as a draft so no need to repeat the mistakes that led to the waste of paper in vain. By doing so, you have to skimp. Remember, sorting out any job that requires paper and which are not.

Use your own Cutlery
When in the office provided plastic cups, plastic plates, plastic spoons used as tools to eat and drink daily in current work, start to use it again. Eliminate that habit of using plastic goods Disposable earlier.

Starting this moment, use your own cutlery from home. Use your own cutlery that can be washed and reused. This method has made you help save the earth from destruction, by no longer using equipment made from plastic.

Use Water wisely
Are you the type of person who would ignore the use of water? Well, now is the time to change this bad habit. Perhaps there are many among your office colleagues were unconcerned when using tap water in the office pantry or the toilet. Take a look, maybe you’ve found the tap water is not sealed, so water still dripped continuously. Do you still will be cool and do not care?

Similarly, in the toilet. When finished using the toilet, quite flushed once, not repeatedly. Begin to care about this. Close the faucet tightly, so that no water is wasted again. Save water when using the toilet so that the faucet not quickly broken.

When you see the water faucets that are already damaged, which will only waste water, immediately notify management of the building where you work in order to be corrected immediately. So, you have participated in preserving the environment in this beloved earth. So, from now on be sensitive to the environment around you, especially in the office.