Green campervan

The green lifestyle is more and more general. It covers more characteristics of our lives. You can have a green house and a green campervan. With such a recreational vehicle, you will save money and help protect the environment. Find out what features and capabilities can make your camper truly green.

Fuel economy
A motorhome with excellent fuel economy is truly eco-friendly. The less fuel you spend driving 100 kilometres, the better. An energy-saving motorhome will not only save you money. In fact, it will produce less exhaust fumes that pollute the environment.
There is a continuous discussion with regards to whether diesel or gas is more effective and better for the climate. Most specialists vote in favor of diesel, yet a few late examinations have found fuel may not be pretty much as terrible as recently suspected. In such a circumstance, it is ideal to make an estimation in view of the specific determinations of the sporting vehicle you are looking at.
To be green, a motorhome must be made of ecological materials. Traditionally, manufacturers have used hardwood or plywood materials such as lauan for the interior. They are not environmentally friendly. However, composite materials fall into this category.

In addition to being recycled, composite materials are lighter in weight than their traditional counterparts. Thanks to this, the motorhome is also lighter. In fact, it has been estimated that if only composite materials are used to build the interior of an average recreational vehicle, it will be around 20% lighter. Due to its lighter weight, it consumes less fuel, which benefits your pocket and the environment.

Energy efficiency
There are various features and possibilities that make a motorhome energy efficient. Among the main ones you will find tinted glass with double glazing. They prevent hot or cool air from escaping from the inside of the motorhome. Many modern models are equipped with energy-saving LED lighting systems. Light bulbs consume significantly less energy than their traditional counterparts. Heating and air conditioning systems can also be made to use less energy to operate.
Solar panels are perhaps the most innovative features to increase energy efficiency. They are factory installed on the roofs of many new motorhomes. They can also be added after purchase. A sufficiently large and efficient solar panel system can produce up to 70%, or even up to 90% of the energy needed daily in an average motorhome.
It pays to invest in a green motorhome.