Green Tips to Adopt for a Green Lifestyle Easily

Summarised below are some green tips that you can adopt for a green lifestyle easily! All these tips are selected based on their ease of adopting and effectiveness.

a) Eat and shop green. Prepare your meals by purchasing or growing your own organic vegetables. Otherwise consume vegetables and fruits that are in season and grown locally.

b) Bring your own shopping bag instead of using plastic bags when you shop for groceries. This green tip can be adopted easily in your green lifestyle immediately!

c) Another green tip to adopt easily is to thaw your frozen food a few hours in advance before cooking using room temperature instead of using the microwave oven.

d) Pre-sort out your trash to separate paper, aluminium cans, certain plastics from the perishables and organic trash. Involve your family members in this green tip to make it more enjoyable and less of a chore.

e) Take public transport or walk to destinations within your residential district or community instead of driving. This green tip can be adopted easily into your green lifestyle but also saves you money spent on gym memberships!

f) Do your laundry only when you have a full load. For clothing like jeans and shower towels, you can wear and use them more than once before dumping them into your washing machine.

g) Switch off your electrical appliances at the mains. Do not leave them on maintenance mode. This green tip that can be adopted easily will prevent unnecessary money spent on utilities.

h) Purchase and use dry-cell batteries that contain 0% cadmium and mercury in your green lifestyle. Such batteries are readily available in major departmental stores like Ikea.

i) Utilise the half-flush button that is available on most toilets to flush away liquid waste instead of the full flush mode. A full flush can waste up to 6 litres of water therefore this green tip, once adopted in your green lifestyle, will easily prevent unnecessary wastage of water.

j) Reduce your average shower time instead of spending long hours in the shower. Wash your face using a small container of water instead of under a running tap.

k) Do not use a hose to wash your car or water your plants. This green tip will prevent large-scale wastage of water that will otherwise occur easily.

l) Generate your own electricity from green energy sources for your own heated water for your showers. This long-term green modification to your house will add to your green lifestyle and also allows you to go off-gird. It also increases the resale value of your house.

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