Halloween Costumes – Recycling Ideas for Adults


After the summer months, three big celebrations take place before the end of the year. Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas in December. Costumes can be worn at all three events for private parties, public functions, school and church activities, theater, and other social functions.

If you’re a very busy person, you may want to recycle last year’s costume to get a new look and save time. It is not difficult. Here are some suggestions to help you think about redesigning your costume.

Changing the fabric of a costume can be as simple as dyeing it a different color, changing a blouse, shirt, skirt or pants, adding or removing material accessories such as scarves and ribbons, wearing some garments for larger garments by stuffing cotton filler or creating tears or clothing tears.

Change or replace accessories:

  1. Wear a wig or hairpieces and other stubble
  2. Use a different mask or apply makeup to your face
  3. Wear a large rubber nose or ears
  4. Wear unusual glasses
  5. Change the gender of the clothing
  6. Change shoes or walk on stilts or wear roller skates.

After making these new changes, another character will appear.

If you want to make a different costume rather than recycle, here is a list of steps to start the process of creating a new costume.

  1. Choose a character
  2. Choose a mask, face makeup, or an alternative method of covering your head and face
  3. Browse through the contents of your wardrobe and desk drawer
  4. Wear hairpieces, stubble, ornaments, scarves or hats
  5. Footwear
  6. Necessary accessories

If there are any clothes, props or accessories that cannot be constructed with your skills, rent or purchase this item.

The most important first step is to choose your character. Draw and write your description on a piece of paper. Let errors occur here, not after you start creating the costume.

Make a list of materials needed for sewing, assembly and construction.

Designing and assembling a costume should be as fun as attending a Halloween party. Time management is important to avoid unnecessary stress.

It is in the details. Another design element is the refinement of accessories. The character’s appearance is complemented by a specific hairstyle or prop. The witch wears a pointy hat and rides a broomstick, the clown has a red nose, the wizard wears a magic wand, and the angel has wings.

Depending on personality, it is beneficial to make sure an identifying prop is available. This can sometimes be a problem. I made this mistake once and won’t do it again!

  1. Find out how the costume will be used:
  2. Is it a private event or a public event?
  3. Should it take place indoors or outdoors?
  4. Are you taking part in the parade?
  5. Is there a costume contest? What are the categories?

These questions will help determine whether the garment should be worn underneath or over the suit to keep it cool or warm, or withstand clothes and props to stay together in the weather and keep you comfortable for hours.


Source by Tricia Deed