Homemade Drain Cleaner with vinegar and Baking Soda

Supermarkets and providers of goods store household cleaners often provide solutions that effectively clean your drain

Unfortunately, this kind of cleaners generally contain sulfuric acid which is harmful if touched by human skin.

Their contact with human skin alone is cause sunburn, especially if swallowed or splashed into the eyes.

To avoid these side effects, you can use a natural drain cleaners.

Quite simply with a half cup of baking soda (baking), one cup of white vinegar, about four liters of hot water and lemon juice, you can already get a natural cleanser for plumbing.

First, pour baking into the drains were clogged. Baking classified as alkaline which can extract the fat and impurities in the water lines and pipes.

While baking working on the drains, mix white vinegar and lemon juice. Then, pour this mixture into the drains.

Acid in the vinegar will make baking frothy. Agitation process is what will make it easier to rinse the channel.

Let stand for five minutes. After that, pour hot water. The water will clean the foam and dirt.

This process is relatively not spend a lot of time so that you can resume normal activities without fear of haste.