How to Check the Good Quality of LED Panel Light

Brought fluorescent office lighting, the character of items

From the Brought panel that lights, office lighting items is really the essence from the entire LED’s light / watt, using space continues to be opened up 80lm panel light efficiency, energy conservation is very natural, energy is no more the most crucial consideration . Brought panel lights should pursue a far more fundamental sense, the best direction to its lighting items. It’s thought that low-carbon energy is essential, lighting quality and get more attention. Only a few of the lighting excellence of the premise, Brought panel lights energy-saving is important. Brought panel lights to energy-efficient lighting quality and balance.

Brought panel lights how you can assess the standard and-efficient lighting?

Evaluation of Brought panel lighting quality and from the current office lighting design standards-based savings, such as the average luminance, luminance uniformity, brightness, vertical uniformity, glare, centrifugal fan atmosphere compared to energy density along with other indications. Target the lighting through the office. There Brought panel lights their very own indications, including lighting, light, color temperature, color rendering index, light failure, existence, input energy, however the Brought panel light performance and quality, they’re different but related. Assessment by two fundamental Brought panel lights quality and-efficient lighting.

Based on March 2009, Shenzhen Brought light panel light because the test data, standard office lighting design and related indications from the Brought panel lights of the primary outcomes of this year’s All-optical Brought display roughly 50 – 80lm light efficiency comprehensive analysis / W It’s about the mainstream level this year 70 – 90lm / W, having a combination look at the information path continues to be capable of meeting the requirements of all amounts of illumination.

Based on design standards, considering lighting, energy density, maintenance factors along with other indications, and also the Shenzhen office from the training learned the need for the particular situation. Brought panel lights from the mainstream over sodium, index even greater compared to 400-watt sodium light 250W, saving rate of 50% full.

Lighting priority, considering the power

Shenzhen City recently, test results, within the light giving off efficiency of Brought panel manufacturing, light failure much better than the worldwide brands for example low quality, however the light (brightness index), light color (color temperature spatial uniformity), along with other large gaps. Brought panel lights because the technology matures, increasingly more broadly used, these defects will be to promote the resistance keeps growing. For that promotion of one’s efficiency Brought panel lighting is apparent, there can be stopped because the standard of low light. Are only able to be considered a good lighting effect to win the support from the user, thus marketing large-scale application. Hydraulic add-ons, therefore, close the wings from the lighting quality and-saving Brought panel lights effects, it’s possible to not, must cope with the total amount between your two. Give high priority to economical lighting ought to be the focus from the current application.