How To Keep Your Garden Water Features Bird Friendly

When you think of the properties of water in the garden, probably one of the first thing that comes to mind is a bird bath with beautiful colors of local birds come to drink and play. Birdbath has long been a tool for ornithologists and bird lovers, they tend to attract birds for over a bird house or bird can be fed, they are beautiful, and it is fairly easy to maintain. Of course, not all bird bath to attract birds, the owner wants, but why not? Here are some tips that are pretty fountain, bird bath or a few of our furry friends.

Is the fountain of cleaning lately?

Because if she fell in love with a bath or a glass of water, which is a few months, sitting, birds are not particularly enthusiastic about these options. If the nature of water garden pumps a constant threat to the water recycling, and keep it fresh, it’s less a problem for you, but it is inevitable that the leaves, bird droppings and other cup reaches the fountain from time to time. This is a small price to pay extra for the beauty of birds come to visit, then rinse your bird a bath once a month, so that your visitors come from.

Are you an accessory Bird environment?

Nobody particularly enjoys cleaning slime algae or other plants in the garden with a pond, and luckily there are some excellent control of algae and fungi on the market for use in both internal and external springs. Of course, if you want to attract visitors bird bath or fountain, and the fight against fungal diseases of algae that you choose to use is an important animal-friendly. It’s a good idea anyway, if the animal or another animal decides to try a taste of your water, if you’re not looking!

Being part of the water garden where the birds feel the time is incredibly simple, but it does not really work. Fortunately, the questions to ask yourself, how to attract birds is low, and the changes it is desirable to maintain a normal routine is very low. And, of course, the price is high, and the birds to drink, swim and play with new safe eternally grateful for the generosity. (If you keep it clean.)