How to Recycle a Refrigerator

You will find many explanations why you might wan to recycle your refrigerator. You might have a classic refrigerator that doesn’t work. Maybe eliminating the additional refrigerator within the garage is definitely an option you’re thinking about to chop lower in your energy bill. Whatever the reason, make sure to recycle your fridge and do not just dump it within the landfill.

What you should need:

phonebook or internet

box knife


Tie downs

1. When the refrigerator under consideration continues to be in working condition, attempt to donate it to some donation center, charitable organisation, or friend in need of assistance. Sometimes donation centers offer pickup services. If transportation services aren’t available, you will need your personal pickup and supplies to tie your fridge lower.

2. Your old refrigerator could be converted directly into sealed space for storage. Even when it’s totally from order, and old fridge could be a good space to keep products and repel rats an bugs..

3. Make use of your box knife to slice the magnetic seal about the door into pieces. They may be used very little magnets.

4. Fridges made before 2000 contain over 100 pounds of steel that may be recycled. Call 311 or look at your your city’s website for local recycling programs.

5. Some junk removal service companies will haul your refrigerator away and recycle it for a small fee.

6. Some power company companies can pay you to have an old fridge. Sometimes they provide cash or utility bill credits.

7. If you’re purchasing a brand new refrigerator you will find companies that delivers the brand new one to your house and haul away that old one.

8. Seek advice from scrap metal merchants. Many will take any refrigerator, yet others require the freon be removed that you should be licensed to complete, because it consists of harmful chemicals. Don’t try to get rid of the freon yourself. You might be hurt or poisoned, and could damage the atmosphere.

9. Don’t simply let it rest about the curb for that trash guy. Your weekly trash service won’t take a classic refrigerator, plus they are not outfitted to do this. You may be penalized with this too.

So whether you’re considering to give it to some charitable organisation, create it for a buddy, convert it to shelving, or tun it set for a bounty, there are many choices to recycle the old refrigerator. When deciding, consider your transportation situation. When moving your fridge, make sure to be careful from the chemicals inside.