Is nature doing what the climate models predict?

As temps rise with climatic change, climate theory states the climate holds more moisture, wet areas of the world will grow wetter and extreme surges and droughts will end up more frequent.

A panel of National Research Council researchers examined weather data in the past century to ascertain if character is to date acting accordingly. Their findings: it depends.

You will find more instances of extreme precipitation, and far from the eastern and central U.S. is continuing to grow wetter, based on a council report launched lately. Simultaneously, areas of free airline and East have observed more drought.

However the uptick in severe flooding has yet to materialize, based on analyses of U.S. Geological Survey lengthy-term stream-flow records. More intense rain fall has not converted into greater peak river flows, that also are affected by topography.

Ton risk within the U . s . States is nevertheless greater, stated College of Arizona hydrology professor Victor Baker, an associate from the scientific committee that carried out the review. More building and rise in ton hazard areas have elevated the opportunity of destruction.