Is Your Property Green?

Everyone is talking “green”, so maybe it was a model of “green” resources follow the latest market trends. You make the property a “green” is a good direction, which increases the value of its assets in the drive, and although it has an added value that are good “green” is also a good investment for health and prosperity.

So how green your home? Your home may be 20 years and you go through the house, even more than your house is actually an apartment. You do not destroy the wall or something, because it affects the entire building. What should I do?


We are not talking just about having a beautiful garden or put in a large number of potted plants in the balcony. We talk about the sprinkler system. If you wish, you can activate when the fire sprinklers in your garden, you can review each of the nozzles. The apartments have no problem with it, because maybe you water your plants by hand. But the sprinklers, you must replace the old water-saving technologies Sprinklers sprinklers. If possible, take a timer and temperature sensor. So you do not need to activate the sprinkler itself, in case of rain.


Would you paint with a dry low emissions, particularly volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde. Prolonged exposure to formaldehyde and VOCs can cause cancer and leukemia. Most paint manufacturers now can be no VOC paints today, but do not be too sure about the parents’ house color. ” Also, if you plan to paint, paint containing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. They have more health conscious, such as antibiotics and anti-fungal can help avoid unnecessary health problems of his own house.


There are several considerations when it comes to the floor. If you have a hard marble floor, or what floor you have more problems. However, if the floors are carpeted in most cases, you must replace the carpet of green solutions. The market is desperately from recycled plastic bottles, less emissions, and costs about the same as that of a typical carpet. You can also change the typical soy allergy carpet carpet pad, that extra “green” flooring of your dreams.

Electrical Equipment

Much has been said about the new electronic regulatory society, and work hard to get the Energy Star products. In addition, the label does not verify the age and is a producer, especially in the refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher and dryer. Chances are they are eating their power and status that you have an expensive bill with age. If you can not afford to make some equipment at home, save enough to start some major risks in your refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher. If you’re going to be three, the electricity bill would be at least as much, and you can save money for others. Remember that all equipment that require heat, such as iron and the kettle is a device to swallow a lot of electricity. Each parent is also dangerous for the fire apparatus at home. Possibility of replacing the old equipment to reduce the likelihood of a fire.


You have changed the bulbs environmentally friendly light? There are many new bulbs today, which consumes less energy. You can also use LED lighting cute, which can be very decorative and inexpensive to replace heavy outdoor lighting that you used previously. The fluorescent lighting, look at the tube T. When the tube T at T10 or T12, told to take the initiative, so that instead of T5 and T8. For the same amount of light, savings of 70% in electricity bills.


Finally, check the plumbing at home. Check with tap water, sinks and bathrooms are aerators. You should also check the boiler tubes open. Another thing you need to check the system flush.

It is likely that older systems use a lot of water and rinse and use the system flush. The new systems are two of the flush system, which releases only half a bucket of water when the color and color. You can save a lot of water has a small investment.