Natural Beeswax Polish

cleaning soap or candle lights. Add essential oils of your liking for various fragrances or simply benefit from the sweet smelling beeswax out of the box. Test out different fragrances and various oils to produce your personal perfect blend. I really like lavender and vanilla combined with jojoba oil however i imagine orange oil combined with sweet beeswax and coconut oil could be wonderfully intoxicating – just like a day by the pool… You need to do wish to make certain the oil employed for scenting is food-grade however and you won’t want to use a lot it really harms the wood you are attempting to safeguard.

Beeswax not just smells great but it is natural so it’s not necessary to be worried about children or pets that they like to munch on furniture. Beeswax brings about the heat in wood and it also will repel water and dirt to maintain your wood searching beautiful for many years. Beeswax polish is particularly good on wood finishes where you’ll need a soft satin like protective sheen like a natural driftwood. You’ll find beeswax for the most part craft stores, online or checkout local beekeepers and you will most likely obtain a great cost on unfiltered beeswax.

Many people think about beeswax polish as just being for sprucing up wood furniture however it has numerous uses. An imaginative user might pour the melted blend right into a chocolate mold to be used like a lip balm or hands moisturizer in it. How cute is the fact that and just what an excellent present. You may also use beeswax to create hard leathers waterproof or at best water repellant. Had a sticky drawer or door? Use a little of beeswax to create drawers glide simpler and doorways open and shut better.

The recipe below will produce approximately. 8 oz. of your natural beeswax wood polish. The ratio is 1 part beeswax to three parts oil however, if you need a much softer wax, use more oil or perhaps a ratio of just one-4 rather than 1-3 and when you want a harder wax, use more beeswax.

Natural beeswax polish can last roughly 1-24 months with respect to the oil you’ve selected. Keeping it chilled will prolong its shelf existence.


2 oz. natural beeswax

6 oz. oil for example essential olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil oil, walnut oil, etc.

Pot – ideally a double boiler

Wooden spoon

Food-grade acrylic(s) for example lavender, vanilla, sandalwood, etc. (optional)

Glass jar or container with cover

Candle Thermometer


1. Melt beeswax in double boiler over medium warmth until it reaches 144-148 levels.

2. Carefully include your oil of preference and stir until well combined.

3. Remove from warmth and add any scenting oils.

4. Pour melted beeswax gradually to your container and hang aside for many hrs to allow it harden. I love to fill the containers midway with wax – allow it to sit until it solidifies after which return and finish it off. By doing this I understand I am not going to possess a puddle of oil within the center that won’t solidify.

Now enjoy your sweet smelling beeswax that you simply made yourself.