Noise pollution killing squid

Noise pollutionIt was found that noise can disturb cetaceans (whales and dolphins), but its negative effects appear to extend to other marine creatures such as well.Around Ten years ago, the giant squid was found dead off the coast of Asturias, Spain. This incident was followed using a gas pressure in the offshore arm and a tool to exclude other causes of death is believed linked to excessive noise exposure from this source.

This proposal was confirmed by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona André Michel. When G. Andrew and his colleague, squid, octopus and cuttlefish, rarely, a sound, he attacks the auditory structures, which are also responsible for balance and spatial orientation.

Damage to these structures may affect the entity’s ability to hunt, avoid predators, and even increase. Scientists are able to reproduce the same results dozens of times.

Mr Andrew said if exposure relatively mild and short low-frequency sounds used in the study may cause such severe trauma acoustic effects of continuous high intensity noise in the ocean can be major .

Because humanity is to grow the maritime activities, and thus little information about the noise pollution of the marine environment, it is an issue that requires immediate attention, as questions of Mr. Andrew, pollution noise can affect the entire ocean web of life?

Noise is an underestimated the environmental and health risks. Unfortunately, many people fail to enjoy the environment without any human voice, so they do not really know what they lack.

The term “silence” is based on. Many people living in suburban areas have noticed that once in a very quiet rural areas, they are suddenly very conscious of their heart rate and breathing, and it may seem like an incredibly strong. Brain, even the “more” noise to replace what he thinks is missing. He disappears from the body to provide – but then returned in a noisy environment, but control.

Any noise can be a constant incentive to the detriment of cognitive function and displayed a clear negative impact on the human body.

Although natural areas can also be noisy, it’s a different sound, I think – more aggressive and less distracting. Although in some cases, the natural sounds a bit overwhelming, and it can be much smaller than the jackhammer outside the window, I chose the machine on a noisy cricket every day.

Often, how to deal with noise pollution, more noise is added (such as music, TV, etc.), which interferes with the mask, which is a bit like pouring gas to extinguish a fire. Participate in noise pollution, we should add to our list of things to be aware when they try to get even more environmentally friendly life.