Proponents of the Green movement take heed

My awareness of your values has come from a position of believing in capitalism, and I think your study of capitalism and personal responsibility will help you crystalize your understanding of your issue, and will further advance what should actually be your cause.

In fact, this city doesn’t have separate collection services for rubbish and recyclables, so it simply all gets placed in the same receptacles without tenants needing to give it any thought.

Looking at this from their narrow perspective, separating trash is someone else’s problem, and they will see no value in having it turned into their problem.

As a landlord, most of what they throw away or flush down their toilets falls into the same category for me, but occasionally, they attempt to dispose of things which cause problems.

In fact, if you ask people why they do not invest in residential real estate, one of the most common answers is that they don’t want to deal with backed-up toilets at all hours of the day and night.

Even quantities of paper towels and toilet paper can eventually clog up a drain, and when a stoppage occurs, it is often impossible to determine which tenant are at fault, so it becomes the landlords problem.

That which does pass through becomes someone else’s problem, although of course, the city’s costs in operating and maintaining its sewage processing systems does translate into tax costs for we property owners, and is passed on to our tenants in higher rents.

Someone else’s problems also become my problems when my tenants attempt to dispose of things the city wont collect.

Tenants don’t care about these details, of course, so they will leave two old televisions and four pieces of a sectional couch out for pickup on whatever day their new furniture arrives, making it my problem.

When multiple ranchers share public grazing land, it is in the best economic interest of each of them to exploit the resource to exhaustion, so as to gain the most personal benefit from the shared cost of its maintenance.

Similarly, being able to capriciously dispose of anything without regard for the cost of the disposal makes tenants use more than their fair share of the sanitation system.

The city water treatment plants also require energy to operate, so the more water tenants use, the more the city bills the landlord for the utilization.

I wish I were the only fool who took a while to see this, but when I saw one of my tenants defrosting a roast in her sink by running hot tap water over it, I realized the flaw in the system.

All other factors being equal, those cruise lines which are better able to inspire their passengers to conserve water will operate at a lower cost than those which don’t.

Over time, cruise lines which operate inefficiently, uneconomically, and anti-ecologically will be unable to compete, and will either change their ways or fail.

It licenses uneconomical endeavors to get by spreading their expenses on clueless masses, for every one of whom the minor extent of the expense is imperceptible.They could choose for themselves whether they needed the markdown of isolating their waste, or whether they needed to pay to designate that to a removal organization.

Conversely, a tenant who didn’t want to deal with trash separation could delegate that to someone else by paying the higher rent of a building which took care of it for them.

Next, that building would be free to employ its own trash separators, if economical, or could simply pay the higher fee to have its trash picked up by a company which took care of separation for them.

In turn, those haulers would be free to hire their own trash separators or could pay more to transfer stations to take care of it.

Constraining reluctant individuals to isolate their refuse makes them insignificantly agree, bringing about something else recyclable glass, plastic, and metal being sullied with nourishment squander, regularly precluding whole loads; decision would permit uninvolved individuals to discard their something else recyclables without as much danger of debasing the appropriately isolated recyclables of consistent volunteers.