Seven Ways to Slash Compressed Air Costs

If you’re searching for methods to reduce your compressed air energy usage and charges…right here are seven extremely effective and relatively simple things you can do to create more profit to tha harsh truth.

1. Find and connect your air leaks

A little leak – no bigger than 1/16″ may cost an additional $523 annually.- Give a couple of other small leaks in some places til you have leaks comparable to singleOr4″ opening…now that “small leak” will set you back over $8,000 annually.- You can easily observe that what appears just like a small leak has a high cost with time.

Click the link to determine how you can estimate what percent of the CFM’s are air leaks.

*Costs calculated using electricity rate of $.05 per kilowatt-hour, presuming constant operation as well as an efficient compressor.

2. Lower Air Pressure

A Couple psig alternation in pressure equals 1% alternation in horsepower.

Click the link to determine a chart for Ventilation THROUGH ORIFICES and find out how shedding pressure can alter the quantity of CFM used and you will save everything energy required to make that CFM. Determine what CFM your equipment really must run effectively and adjust your pressure in order to save energy but still supply the CFM needed.

3. Use Synthetic Air Compressor Oil and you will reduce Amplifier draw typically 8%.

4. Switch off your air compressor when it’s not being used.

This appears pretty apparent…although not frequently adopted oftentimes. Whenever your air compressor isn’t running – you’ll be saving energy!

5. Eliminate any compressed ventilation restriction

Make certain your air line filters are clean.

Make certain your piping isn’t not big enough.


Using this drain prevents wasting compressed air

7. Keep compressor inlet filter clean

In case your Compressor cannot suck in air- it cannot fly out the environment you’ll need. Make certain your inlet filters stay clean.

How you can figure the ELECTRICAL ENGERY Price of running your Air Compressor

Here’s the formula:

Electrical cost = Total Compressor Hewlett packard x .746 x hrs x Kw cost / motor efficiency

Example: 50 hewlett packard air compressor that runs 8 hrs each day five days per week for any year having a $.06 Kw electric rate along with a 90% efficient motor unit.

50 hewlett packard x .746 x 2080 hrs x $.06 / .90 = $5,172.27 each year

Review your electric energy bill. Discover the Amount due $____ and divide through the total KW proven around the bill. Here’s your cost per KW.

Note: Motor efficient are available around the motor data tag.(it ought to be a %)

Note: Hrs = the entire time the gear runs each year.

Note: Total hp = primary motor   cooling fan motor