Solar Panel Quotations

If you’re thinking about getting Solar Power Panels installed, because of residential or commercial property, then any trustworthy photo voltaic company will request the next questions once they come and visit you. If you’re uncertain of the questions being requested, then don’t let yourself be afraid to inquire further, in the end you’ll be trading a great deal of money so have to know all of the details.

1) Have you got a specific location where you need the Solar Power Panels fitted?

2) It is possible to specific model of Solar Power Panels you want?

3) Are you aware how much of an ‘inverter’ is?

4) It is possible to specific ‘inverter’ you are thinking about you need?

5) Have you ever heard from the government authorities ‘Feed-In-Tariff’ plan?

6) Are you aware how big of system you need?

Once the questions happen to be requested and clarified a website survey will have to be completed which contain the next

1) Go to the suggested section of in which the Solar Power Panels should be fitted and make certain to ascertain if it facing the right way (south facing)

2) Look into the roof for just about any damaged or missing tiles (if there’s any missing or damaged tiles then these is going to be fixed through the roofing contractors before any sections are fitted. Some companies is going to do this totally free)

3) Pictures ought to be taken from the roof to inform you if any repairs are must be done, also using the pictures you’ll be given a design regarding the way the sections will appear before any installation jobs are completed.

4) Look for any obstacles that could cause shading and make the sections to prevent working. If you will find any obstacles found then you may have to check out the areas to achieve the sections fitted.

5) Attic inspection – dimensions have to be taken from the roof area as well as the position from the roof needs to be looked into. The contractors also needs to make certain the dwelling from the roof rafters (beams) have been in good shape, because these is going to be using the weight from the solar power panels. If any problems should be found then you will have to organise a trip from the structural engineer, which might be suggested through the photo voltaic company or else you can arrange one yourself.

6) Positioning of materials – you ought to be told vocally as well as by way of a drawing plan, regarding the way the products is going to be built in your attic space, that will range from the sections and inverter which converts the energy from the system in the solar power panels to normalcy electric. If you don’t possess a attic and therefore are an industrial house owner having a flat roof, then appropriate dimensions are necessary, as well as suggestions regarding in which the inverter could be mounted.

7) Cable run – this is actually the cable that must feed into the national power grid. You will have to discuss the very best route you’re pleased with, make certain notes as well as pictures are taken before saying yes to anything, while you don’t want mistakes to become made. The cable itself ought to be suited to another fuse box instead of your normal one. The reason behind the reason being if you want any electrical work completed inside your household you don’t want the standard fuse box turned off because this will prevent you producing electricity.