Solar power myths

Within the time I have spent speaking with individuals about photo voltaic energy, exactly the same kind of

misconceptions and myths appear, some I’d myself before I began fiddling

with solar power components.

Solar power panels and payback

Probably the most prevalent misconceptions is the one which goes something across the lines

of “it requires more energy to create a cell of computer creates throughout

its serviceable lifespan”.

This just is not true, even poor sections, presuming they see out their 20

– twenty-five year lifespan, will generate much more energy throughout their existence than

went into which makes them. The typical energy payback time varies because it is dependent on

the panel, and where it’s used, but 1 to 4 years may be the average range. Given

the 25   year existence, that’s procuring energy created.

Photo voltaic energy subsidies

Some nations offer generous renewable

energy rebates, subsidies and incentives to set up photo voltaic energy, that has

brought to critique about solar power becoming an unfair burden on citizens. What

lots of people don’t understand is the fact that photo voltaic is rivaling non-renewable fuels on the very

unlevel playing area. The fossil fuel market is very heavily subsidised – and

it has been happening for many years. If fossil fuel subsidies were removed and

the price of damage individuals fuels have wreaked put in, the real

price of coal, diesel and gas will make photo voltaic appear quite cheap by


Subsidies for photo voltaic are just quite recent. Unlike non-renewable fuels, solar’s

subsidisation is a comparatively temporary situation. Photo voltaic energy is

likely to achieve power grid parity with fossil fuel based electricity generation

inside a decade, possibly sooner and without further subsidisation


If photo voltaic technologies had been administered received more support sooner, we’d

be there. Way in 1979, the Whitened House were built with a photo voltaic warm water system

installed and U.S. Leader Jimmy Carter also offered tax credits to anybody who bought solar power systems. Ronald

Reagan drawn the sections lower as well as axed the tax credits plan. Consequently, lots of people within the photo voltaic industry went broke.

We are able to only imagine what lengths along photo voltaic energy could be today and just how much

environment damage might have been prevented if Carter’s vision have been

went after. But it is better late than never I suppose.

Summer time and photo voltaic energy

I did previously believe that summer time would need to be the greatest time for photo voltaic energy

production in the end the sun’s rays expires for extended. This is not always so. One

of the photo voltaic panel’s greatest opponents is warmth. The warmer it’s, the less

efficient they’re. A top quality panel may have better warmth tolerance

(temperature coefficient) than the usual lower quality one, however it are affected


If you are inside a region in which you experience particularly hot summer season, your

photo voltaic energy system will probably create probably the most energy throughout spring and

fall instead of in the height of summer time.

Power grid connect systems and power shutdowns

Many people use a power grid

connect photo voltaic energy system, that’s, one which ties along with their mains

energy supply can export surplus

electricity towards the mains power grid, convinced that throughout a blackout, as lengthy because the

sun is out they’re going to have energy.

Power grid connected photo voltaic energy systems instantly shut lower when there’s a

blackout in the region for safety reasons. Imagine what might happen if your system

was conveying energy in to the power grid while employees were attempting to fix whatever

problems were occurring.

Utilizing a power grid connected system inside a blackout can be achieved, however it requires

additional (and costly) components as well as in some areas, electricity

government bodies will absolutely won’t allow these kinds of systems anyway.

Solar power panels aren’t effective on cloudy days

They are doing work. I am penning this now in 100% overcast conditions and my panel is

working away and turning out enough clean electricity to energy my

laptop – and it is even putting a bit into my deep

cycle battery (I’ve got a small off-power grid system I personally use when in the


Cloudy conditions will adversely effect on production, however it is dependent about the

degree – what amount of the light is blocked.

Solar power panels cause fires

Correctly installed solar power panels are secure. Using Australia for example, based on figures launched through the Clean Energy Council

this year, at that time there was around 100,000 solar power panels set up in Australian homes within the prior three

decades by superbly qualified contractors and none of them of individuals have been reported as leading to a


Solar power panels and waste

Photo voltaic negative people out there will sometimes acknowledge the lengthy existence of the cell, but

will heighten the spectre of an incredible number of solar power panels going to landfill inside a

handful of decades. This can be a valid concern, however you will find already

recycling initiatives in development to determine this does not happen. Over 90% of the

standard photo voltaic panel’s weight is material that’s recyclable, for example

aluminium, glass and also the solar panels themselves – there’s profit them thar

old sections!

Photo voltaic energy and baseload

Sure, the sun’s rays is not shining constantly, but photo voltaic energy can and already

has proven you can use it to supply

baseload energy on the substantial scale that’s, a continuous and reliable

electricity supply 24/7. Molten salt batteries happen to be being used – these

store warmth produced by photo voltaic thermal energy equipment throughout your day and also the warmth can be used at

evening to create steam to energy turbines.

Nuclear energy cost less than photo voltaic energy

Such as the fossil fuel industry, the nuclear

energy sector continues to be subsidized towards the eyeballs. This not just result in the

cost of nuclear energy appear cheap, however the diversion of funds works against

alternative energy reaching its full potential faster. The liability

subsidies for that nuclear sector alone, if ploughed into cell

manufacturing, would see more electricity created from photo voltaic than nuclear by

the center of this century.

Furthermore, such as the true

price of coal, the damages wrought through the nuclear industry result in the

electricity it creates not cheap.

Making your personal solar power panels

This is not a myth as a result – it is possible. During the last few years

there is an array of information items available on the web (for any cost)

that train you steps to make your personal solar power panels. A few things –

first of all, the claims produced in the advertising of a few of these items is much

outrageous. For instance, a number of them discuss hooking up a house made

cell for your mains electricity. Issues of safety aside, your electricity

store might have puppies should you attempted carrying this out. Utilities is only going to allow

correctly accredited and licensed equipment for connecting towards the mains for

apparent reasons. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that while you may make a photo voltaic

panel, it is extremely time intensive, so you will need to determine whether time

put in building one makes it worth while because of the cost of solar power panels.

Photo voltaic energy system size

Photo voltaic energy is large business and there’s lots of questionable marketing around

right now telling people they are able to get all of the energy they require from an

average sized photo voltaic energy system.

If the average sized power grid connect photo voltaic energy product is 1.5kW (because it is in

Australia), you could do if you are really, really, really energy

efficient. The truth is the majority of us aren’t, the eco-friendly-leaning folks

in our midst. Because of so many home appliances, devices and devices within the average home, and

should you run an electrical stove and warm water system the 1.5kW photo voltaic energy

system just will not work inside a family situation.

The simplest method to * roughly* work out how large something you will need to

offset 100% of energy use on the twelve month is to check out your energy bill,

discover your everyday consumption in kilowatt hrs, divide that through the average

*peak* sun hrs each day in your town (allows say 4-5 to become conservative) which

provides you with a concept of how large something you will need. If you are consuming 20

kilowatt hrs each day, you will be searching in a 4-5kW system.

That calculation is perfect for power grid connected systems which will receive in the very

least an industry rate credit for surplus electricity released towards the power grid (it’s known as an rss feed

in tariff) to counterbalance the energy you will still tap into the power grid throughout the

evening as well as in particularly adverse climate conditions.

Off-power grid systems require battery storage and additional sections, that will add

substantially towards the cost.

Note: peak sun hrs does not make reference to hrs of daylight, however the

average quantity of hrs of sunlight in a sufficient level to create

significant amounts of one’s.

Also keep in mind the rating of just one.5kW on the system refers back to the total from the

cell output. Inside a power grid connected photo voltaic energy system, you will see some


loss and loss in the inverter,

the box that converts the Electricity current in the sections into AC appropriate

to be used in your home.

However, that does not mean to express that setting up single.5kW product is useless,

not even close to it – think about the energy and green house gas savings within the lengthy

term as well as the value it’ll supplment your home. I have also discovered that people

who install systems often be energy-efficient or at the minimum,

more energy conscious.

Tip: when looking for a photo voltaic energy system, rather than letting the

sales rep convince you of purchasing a larger system, save your valuable dollars and

consider other energy

efficiency measures you are able to take that will reduce how big the machine

you’ll need. In the end, photo voltaic energy might be comparatively eco-friendly, however the greenest

watt is the one which does not need to be produced.

Photo voltaic energy is not without its issues, but you need to separate fact from

myth – so that as someone taking pleasure in the advantages of

sitting here watching my single cell  cleanly and silently working

away at creating all

the electricity I have to write this it’s sure appears very much of much better than

filthy fossil fuel based electricity generation.