Solar Shower – An Effective Way To Utilize Solar Energy

Solar shower is basically an apparatus with water filled in a plastic bag or some other container left under sun to get heated water for a hot water shower. These showers are used in outdoors or during camping but it can also be used for household purposes if wanted. Home water heaters are biggest energy hogs and they are even non portable item so, with solar shower bags one can save lot more. These bags are made of tough plastic material with one side clear and other dark. The water is filled in the dark side and clear side is kept in front of the sun as it heats water in 2 to 3 hours.

While camping out in campsites or wilderness where no shower facility is available one needs to carry solar bag showers as camping gadgets so can one easily rinse off. Not only are they cheap but they also need less space and are convenient to carry. There is a huge list of camping gadgets required for camping along with the except sun shower bags such as camping furniture like chair folding tables and lot more, privacy tents, portable camping toilets, survival kit, camp fire grill, first aid kit and alternative power source device. One can use a lot of other things as required.

Solar shower offer the most effective way to use solar energy for heating water and they are painted on back side to absorb sun rays. There are low end and high end, both types of solar showers available in market. Low end showers have low range and mostly unheated because they are mostly used in the hottest part of the summer. On the other hand high end shower cost much more than others they works on electricity or gas fitted in shower units and they run on regular plumbing irrespective of climate.

Camping is most wonderful and thrilling experience which gives relaxation and mental peace with natural beauty of environment. Selecting of camping gadgets is the most responsible and toughest part about camping. During the time of winters or moderate climate there is a special need of solar shower to heat the water whether through gas or solar bags the way which suits the one best. It is one of the most environment friendly ways to heat water while outside the home. And one can also make use of it at home which will at least reduce some amount of power and nature wastage.