Thermal Insulated Curtains Energy Efficient Curtains For Industrial Units!

Thermal insulated curtains are energy-efficient curtains that could save you energy, decrease your carbon footprint and drastically reduce energy expenses and high energy bills.

You should make certain the right quality of thermal curtain can be used, otherwise you may be having to pay much more than essential for a substandard product. Our curtains are fire ranked, make use of the greatest quality 2mm polar PVC for his or her window material and also have proven thermal insulation which will operate in evironments as high as -37C. Many years of experience went into creating, refining and fine-tuning our thermal curtains, to ensure that those are the best in the marketplace today. Benefits to those curtains include

Unlike other available items the thermal insulation within our curtains runs completely towards the floor (50mm permitted at bottom for uneven flooring) substantially reducing the potential of ice develop at the end from the curtains.

Our new header system enables the curtains to become modified towards the exact internal size the doorway.

The curtains tend to be more flexible, with good thermal resistance.

New, more powerful, Flame-Retardant outer material.

New rounded edges, which makes it more customers friendly.

Curtain overlap could be modified to match site conditions.

Our clamping system enables curtains to become trimmed in the top permitting a neater finish compared to alternative bottom trim curtain.

Curtains can’t be removed by staff.

Our thermal curtains are broadly used through many industries including grocery stores, walk in chillers, walk in freezers, industrial models, butchers, labratories, industrial facilities, garages as well as schools. These improvement are broadly recognised and consequently we’re the only supplier of thermal curtains to WM Morrisons grocery stores, among the biggest supermarket within the United kingdom. Our thermal curtains will also be utilized in a number of other grocery stores and industrial facilities through england and europe.