Toyota named the Best Global Green Brand

Interbrand, an innovator in brand management, has launched a listing of the greatest Global Eco-friendly Brands 2011, and car maker Toyota arrived on the scene on the top.

Toyota, maker of the greatest-selling hybrid Prius, leaped up in the No. 11 place it held this past year. However, Interbrand’s recognition of Toyota’s eco-friendly efforts goes past the Prius. The report recognizes the business’s partnership with Tesla, Toyota’s companywide environment initiatives and-efficiency programs too.

3M takes the 2nd place place this season, up from 90th place this past year. This can be a huge jump for the organization behind well-recognized brands like Publish-it and Scotch. The Interbrand report commends 3M for first establishing an environment policy in 1975, offering more eco-friendly brands to its clients and it is energy management programs.

No. 3 just right the very best Global Eco-friendly Brands 2011 list is held by Siemens like 3M, Siemens also designed a large jump up from No. 49 this year. Area of the large begin ranking is due to Siemens’ GreenBuilding Program, which saves the organization 23,000 mWh in energy use every year. Another factor adding towards the company’s third-place ranking was buying of alternative energy firms.

Two Plastic Valley companies, Hewlett-Packard and ‘cisco’, rated within the top ten.