Why Do We Need Solar Energy?

People charged with governance of providing energy nowadays still do not see the benefit of solar energy over other conventional methods of supplying power. Solar energy is a renewable energy source fuelled by the radiating sunlight from the Sun. There are several strong reasons to support why solar energy would top other conventional or renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy means having a perpetual source without the reliance on raw materials as fuel for power. With assistance from the Sun, solar energy possesses tremendous potential as a future alternative of providing power and there are strong reasons to suggest it might edge out its current energy providing counterparts. With coal and gas, there is a reliance on raw reserves to generate energy and these resources will eventually run dry. Nuclear fission places a great deal of risk on the environment and its inhabitants with a potentially fatal cocktail of radioactive radiation from its residues.

When performing a cost benefit analysis, solar energy also edges out other renewable energy sources. Hydroelectricity requires construction of a dam which would inundate large areas of natural habitat, potentially destroying the ecosystem. Wind energy is not reliable as wind is only generated when a cold front comes into contact with a warm current front, and predicting wind currents is a lot more complicated than relying on the Sun for power. With solar panels, the only requirement is to place them directly under the sunlight.

A very good argument supporting the cause for solar energy would be regarding conserving the environment. Global climate change is now a major concern for every inhabitant on this planet, and everyone must play their part to help conserve the environment. By choosing solar as a renewable source of energy, environmental threats can be greatly reduced. Solar energy does not emit pollution into the environment as compared to coal and gas power. Chlorofluoro carbon emissions which destroy the ozone can also be greatly reduced, thus indirectly minimizing the threat of a greenhouse effect. Although it might be too late to revert climate changes, but at least all these benefits lend a helping hand in subsiding the threat. A reasonable person would definitely opt for solar power knowing the benefit it provides for themselves and also the conservation of the environment.

Solar energy with its renewable attribute is fast gaining acceptance throughout countries all over the world. Governments are now opting for solar as their preferred choice of power source. Deserts with their barren landscape and glaring heat are perfect locations and are fully utilised for solar farms. Individual households are also installing solar panels to create their own personal power station. Agencies across the globe are now promoting the benefits of solar power to households for generating their own electricity with the help of the Sun. With the climate and environment at knife point, it also would be wise to educate the younger generations of using environmental friendly means of generating power rather than rely on scarce and sometimes dangerous resources as an energy source.

We can help save the environment and trim our electricity bills by starting to live off the grid with the use solar power as our preferred energy source.