Why Should We Switch to Organic Nappies?

It seems everyone these days in interested in helping to save the planet from global warming. One easy way for us to do our part is the use and purchase eco friendly products and services. Research has shown that human babies can wear up to around 6000 nappies before being toilet trained. That is not only a lot of nappies for parents to change, but it also creates a lot of rubbish to pollute our planet.

Also according to some reports, disposable nappies can take between 200- 500 years to decompose. This is far too much time to be sitting in our rubbish dumps and is surely not good for the earth. These diaper’s will be hanging around much longer than the babies are around.

For this reason, many parents and guardians are making the switch to a more organic alternative.

Organic eco nappies are usually made up of natural fibres of cloth such as wool or cotton. These can then be washed and reused again and again. There are lots of different types and brands on the market. Some simple online research will help you chose the right alternative for you.

But even the most eco friendly and environmentally conscience parents are finding it hard to switch from the ease of plastic to organic. In this case, it’s important to look at the benefits of going green.

These cloth nappies are also free of chemicals and are therefore much better for a baby’s skin. One of the main chemicals that is used to make nappies more absorbent is Sodium Polyacrylate. This can absorb between 400 – 800 times its mass in liquids but it has also been found to cause allergies in babies as well as other problems.

The most common symptom of the plastic variety that most parents have seen in their children is of course rashes. It has been found that over half of babies that are put in disposables suffer from this. Parents hate to see their kids in pain or discomfort, and making the switch can solve this issue.

Some argue that having to wash cloth nappies is also not ideal because it takes extra resources like water and electricity. The impact of this on the environment is far less than filling up landfills for hundreds of years.

Finding the balance between convenience and doing your part for the planet can sometimes be a challenge. Switching to organic diaper’s is a small thing that in the long run may not only be better for your baby, but also for the earth.