World’s largest animals visit So. Cal. waters

A pod of blue whales, the biggest creatures on the planet, continues to be wearing a show for those from the coast of Los Angeles in recent days.

The pod continues to be observed in Los Angeles’ Santa Monica Bay during the last couple of days and whale watching tours happen to be filling as word propagates, NBC affiliate KNBC TV reported . Blues could be nearly 100 ft lengthy and weigh 200 tons.

Scientists have even seen blue whales relationship.

Nearly driven to extinction within the 1900s by whalers after their blubber for oil, blue whales are gradually recuperating as well as an believed 2,500 are believed to visit backwards and forwards along West Coast, though usually much farther out at ocean.

On the other hand from the U.S., a blue whale was spotted by whale viewers just from the coast of Maine last Sunday, NBC affiliate WHDH TV reported .

A nearby whale expert theorized the whale was close to the coast following krill, the shrimp-like crustaceans that comprise its diet.

The final sighting in Colonial waters was 3 to 4 years back, added Sean Todd, chairman of marine sciences in the College from the Atlantic in Bar Harbor.

While recuperating, blue whales like other whale species still face two key risks: entanglements in commercial fishing lines, and being hit by ships, including individuals from nearby Lengthy Beach harbor.