5 Things to Do on Earth Day

Earth Day has become a traditional celebration, not only in the U.S., but in many countries around the world. Senator Gaylord Nelson founded the festival for the first time April 22, 1970. Every year on the same day, millions of people to remember to do something for the environment.

So many things you can do let me help with some ideas for you to consider Earth Day approaches:

1) Research and dissemination practices for city water or county. See your local soil conservation district and water. Look at what’s happening now and what the possibilities in the future. Maybe you can give the river in your area and clean it regularly, or you can help clean water awareness project.

2) Explain the usefulness of the water, alternative water conservation, at least one person.

3) Join the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Act.

4) Reduce the use of water your lawn. Select plants and grasses are drought tolerant. The disease is a better choice than grass. Try one of these grass species resistant to drought, Zoysia, Bermuda, St. Augustine, Buffalo, Bahia, or straw.

Try a free alternative to landscaping, or xeriscaping and planting edible gardens instead of lawn. Do not water your lawn every day, if the grass springs back when you walk, it does not need watering. When you water, soak in a deep and do it at night to avoid evaporation. I can use this bag to keep all the plants and spraying moist.Instead evening, to sweep and put the barrel under a roof to collect rainwater.

5) Reduce the use of spas. Do not let the water run for a few seconds. You can do the dishes, and full tank of fuel than letting the tap run. See the leaks, they can water hundreds of gallons of water a day. You can install a sink without aerators and reduce consumption by 4%. Ask the aqueduct. Buying an effective machine and dishwasher, and clean only when they are full.

Earth Day is a wonderful time of the annual resolution. Choice to make at least a change and stick for a lifetime. Major change does not happen every day, but can start a one-day increments. Big solutions do not reach large size, long-term accuracy and sees the side is almost always accompanied by a small constant.