Biological Lake Management Through Aeration

To cope with the rapid increase in negative changes in our environment, especially in our waters, it is important that we start some sort of conflict, these changes – such as bio-control of the lake. Without doubt, the need to rehabilitate our lakes that were not so great now. And why not? Although the demand for water will increase the resource itself does not change.

The growth of algae and other forces of nature and industrialization, including overcrowding (number of vessels registered each year 11 million U.S. only) all add to our depleted water.

The good thing is that we can use several techniques to monitor the water quality of the water and revive a nuisance. One such technique is known as a lake aeration biological control.

Ventilation Basics

The lake, which is a massive algal blooms and sudden. The lake, which is the sudden and massive algae. chronic fish kills. Lack of smell. Bubbly surface. Mud. Looks like the dark water. These are all signs that the pond must be aerated. But have you ever wondered what causes this kind of thing?

Although the pond to cleanse twice a year (each fall and spring), mixing of surface water rich in oxygen in low oxygen, overcrowding and industrial development in nutrients dissolved in water, that this process of natural purification of the pond is not enough.

The water becomes stratified, ie, everyone has different amounts of oxygen to water. The upper part of the oxygen-rich water can, yes, but it is almost bottomless.

Such a case would cause the symptoms mentioned above: the mass of seaweed, or the death of fish kills, unpleasant odors, bubbles surface and the dark water.

What helps aeration

Aeration helps to infuse the bottom of the lake of oxygen, a new breath. There are several ways to encourage the body of water.

hypolimnetic aeration is one. The method of ventilation in the basement is done by helping to pump oxygen deep pond fish have more room to move. It also increases the food supply chain for all aquatic organisms.

In shallow water, artificial circulation (also known as surface aeration) are commonly used. This method exposes the bottom of the lake water so that the atmospheric oxygen in the air can be transferred into the water.

To do this properly, things such as air diffusers, water wheel and surface sprays are used.

Various methods of cooling are almost endless. You can restore the lake bed aeration lake use, the use of springs, pumps, filters, skimmers, hypolimnetic withdrawal, dredging, diversion of nutrients and nutrient inactivation.

That could mean venting

You can use the hatred for the “deep” reasons – to make your home more attractive, to impress visitors to the lake where you can let your children swim, a place to entertain friends. It may mean something to you.

But what you may be aware that this is a form of biological management of the lake are also trying to create a sustainable environment for all aquatic organisms, and when done together, the entire environment.