Choosing Solar Vs Propane Heating Systems

If you noticed, I’m all to reduce U.S. dependence on oil, especially foreign oil. I’m also in favor instead of using renewable fuel and transportation. My efforts to reduce our dependency on propane to cause me to balance the cost of my ethical and environmental location. In other words, I hit a moral obligation to my problem.

After giving more than $ 1300 propane tank – mid-winter – felt it was time to seriously consider the installation of solar water. Who wants to pay a $ 2500-ish years of propane? I wanted to proceed with the installation of solar hot water and property. vacuum tube collectors, if not exact.

As I wrote that I got the idea that I need to pay $ 1.14/year/square foot home. How much should normally pay for heating, hot water and cooking? We have an energy efficient home and live frugally (heat set to 64 degrees, a small demand for hot water and a small oven / stove use), I believe that we could get, which is less than propane.

This brilliant idea was born after my man sits at a home in Telluride, I put some solar panels for hot water. He talked about the $ 1,500 low-cost group. Wiser. So I started my research. I found three companies, I would talk to (there is more to this area, but based on previous experience, three types of searches decreased).

In addition, an interesting shopping experience we have found that solar hot water is expensive, at least stick. The estimated cost of $ 15.000 to 35.000 $. Many said!

Price range reflects different choices in the installation and preparation. The cheapest option is not heat storage and the relatively small number of solar hot water. The most expensive storage, and a lot of heat affected a wide range of solar panels.

If the water heater covered with 100 percent of our needs for propane, we do not pay for the system area 6 to 14 years, assuming that the cost of propane has remained level. Because the cost is more than doubled since we started using the eight-ish back, I can say that profit should be faster. But the system only covers about half of our needs for propane, that is to win more than 12-28 years. Have I ever said, “one iota”?

If we do not want to stay here for a house “forever” I call my half of the bigger leap for me. But we hope that the next few years to build a new home, farm, where the offices where the mistakes we made in this house. What does that dream is in place, how do you make decisions, assuming that the new system costs are not financial compensation (which I did not like at all)?

Because now we have to choose either a little more energy efficiency measures in place to sink a lot of money on projects that we do not know if we do not see any profits. We combine various alternative and renewable energy sources in our house.

When the green and eco-friendly, can be such a challenge. Not the “right” is also disappointing. I know that the profit must be 10-15 years old, but I did not attract the biggest party we have the money, especially when we still have to pay the propane.

What would you do? How do you balance to reduce the environmental footprint of future residents and following by now?