Science Fiction Or Reality? Five Inventions That Will Happen in Your Lifetime

Science fiction has inspired millions to look ahead and imagine what it might actually look like. Major writers such as Jules Verne, HG Wells, and adds the use of energy in space and submarines. It is a great asset, such as Leonardo Di Vinci drew plans for planes and helicopters, is half millennium. Maybe these five inventions could be in your life?

1. Holographic Television

Imagine watching a movie, without any evidence. Holographic TV could be replaced as we see things today, our screen. Maybe we could even feel myself inside of a movie.

2. Flying cars

There are already prototypes of flying cars, but the future could become a new highway in the sky. These cars are likely to be powered by solar energy and how we plan to remake the cities.

3. Food Pills

Food crisis may encourage us to develop new ways to feed the people. If estimates hold true, then it is likely to be 12 billion people by 2030, and the country’s major climate warming. Food pills could be the solution used to feed astronauts in space.

4. Smart Clothing

Our future may be synthetic clothing and intelligent. These heat us when you’re cold, and act as air conditioning, if you’re hot. They can also replace traditional fabrics such as cotton, which is valuable in the country is growing.

5. Free Energy Pod Homes

We believe the population will become more and more fossil fuel crisis, and the rising water. House in the future could be compact and mobile, with its own independent power supply, nanotechnology, alternative energy sources, and take up less space, if this dream is possible.

Wetlands could be a mini-cities in the pod, the pod like a car stuck in the structure of housing can create a mini-oasis in sea water expansion.