Compost – Via My Worm Bins

I’m new to composting food waste in worm bins. And I’m a convert! What is the trick here. Worms take the newspapers and cardboard waste (the nesting material) and food and open all the wonderful black loam for the benefit of my country.

I learned to compost lived in Boulder. Not only our food scraps dumped a pile, but if the batteries from poplar leaves. And then I like to collect leftover mashed beer and add that too. What is a healthy compost was. And what is the most delicious vegetables I grew with it. It was frustrating to leave behind when we moved to more rural areas.

In the years after moving into the compost mesa outside Ridgway, Colorado, because I do not want to attract wildlife. I’m talking about squirrels or rats, I mean the bear, coyotes, rabbits, prairie dogs and a weasel. I do not know if the nature of eating vegetables, food scraps, but do not want to take this opportunity to appeal the case of animals. I do not even have bird feeders or baths of the birth of a way to prevent wildlife trail!

We see the Bobcats, coyotes, and neighbors saw the bear and puma, but the food in our house, our effort. So far, so good.

Last spring, I was reminded of vermicomposting, I studied it. assistant Randy, Becky, and I decided to go for a worm bin. We found the supplier of Caterpillar, instructions for making dishes (I share the process I used later in the article), and began to collect materials we need. No food scraps and garbage for us! Worms for all plant materials and almost everyone.

Worms live in my garage because it is safe to the weather and animals. In fact, they do not like the cold, 40 degrees between them. The boiler heats the house in the garage, it will always be at least 40 degrees in there, so I thought it would be a good place for them. This winter is quite cold, with temperatures hovering around 0 degrees Fahrenheit or colder for weeks, a few weeks ago I made the worms and pantry. It’s a little embarrassing, but we resolved the issue. But as soon as temperatures warm, they returned to the garage, I’d better.

I do not always put the avocado skin, flowers, egg shells and garbage. How to feed my worms to dispose of leftovers in a blender and pour the batter with worms. Sorry, it’s more work than I want to put it. I think.

This morning, I could change my mind about it. I spend my tray to the first, second, because I’m ready to move the first batch of compost. How it works is you take two ferries, but using only one at a time. The first bin is located in the second. After the first appearance of the compost bin ready to prepare for the second tray with nesting material, more food, and put the entire first tray at the back – begin to move downwards.

It is a slow process. I think I might be “slow” to – that’s an eternity! My niece said if I leave the lid of the tank bottom, they moved away from the light, then proceed to the next bin if you wish. Firstly, I am trying to get them to move just to put food in the garbage when I want them to go. But it takes so long that I began to worry about this country!

days of feeding worm now. Randy helped me with the heaviest. He pulled the top of the stack bin so I can scrape to the bottom before going down. I heard him shout, as she watched the second tank, but thought he seemed to enjoy many, because I saw last week. When I gathered a handful of worms, I went to put another tray and I was surprised weeping, writhing mass of worms – more than what I saw last week!

As a side note, my sister, environment Knuckle Dragger, is almost spoiled when I say pick up worms. I’ll tell you what I told him: “Do not worry, they do not bite,” even a threat. They just make their way to give them food scraps, leaving me a “worm” wonderful compost for me to grow plants

I decided that a second compost bin is too wet, so that the worm is out of the mud. So I pulled out the most layers of wet newspaper and compost. Which was also mixed with air, food and more as worms compost amazing magic can happen. More strips of newsprint, then batch mixed. Now I let the compost dry out, leaving the trash. That is why I have all the newspaper, located on the upper to protect the worms.

I think it’s time to start sharing my poetry with others. It is too early to put in my backyard, aka the flowerbeds. I’m not a garden, even on the drawing board. Thus, their wealth with others is the solution. It never occurred to me I would never have too many worms.