Going Green on the Cheap

How do you know the secret of sparkling countertops, glass and other surfaces at home? I’ll give it to you – and it costs less than 25 cents a vaporizer! Vinegar and water, people – that’s all. I know I’m slow here – family and friends gave me advice for years, and I never decided to make its various costly, dangerous to the cleaners.

But last week, when I took a new form of selling bottles of Windex and only the word “vinegar”, I realized that every year, I was fooled. I was going to pay more than $ 3 a small spray bottle of vinegar and water is chemically enhanced? I immediately decided to go home and make your own green cleaning products. So after a quick search online, I started using my own vinegar faithful of all my glass tables, doors and windows, mirrors, kitchen counters, stove and more! You do not think my house sparkling, “you all! Even my wife was pleasantly surprised that it is not stain, grease, or the pipe!

Here are some tips for beginners who are wondering how to start making your own green cleaning products. (I know, I was not the only one still buy a chemical cleaning, because the products are still outside the shop!)

1. Vinegar and water sanitation, simply put half water and half vinegar in a spray bottle, and voila! Not really, it’s so easy!

2. When I started to wipe the vinegar, paper, newsprint, rag (the choice, you know what is more environmentally friendly!) It seems that it is soluble, but it is brushed, and you shine!

3. There is a toilet cleaner Big Green can use hydrogen peroxide and water. You can search the net for useful information on green products as well.

This discovery is so good! The smell is not offensive and it leaves no harmful residues or the family pet to breathe, swallow or absorb. Now I wonder what took you so long? It’s not rocket science, but more than that, back to basics with the Mamas teach us! Take this tip from green cleaning products, and contact me for ideas – what are you happened to simple solutions for going green and saving money on their own household?