New Eco-Innovation – Lazy Susan Sun Tracker for Potted House Plants, Solar Energy Collection

If you have a few houseplants at home, like me, then you’ve probably heard the theory that you must open in time for plants of time and allow them to go home to the sun or light another angle. This theory has been bugging me, like the plant in its natural environment will not position ourselves in that direction. Yes, Sun is moving in our direction, the inclination of more or less due to the seasonal variation of the planet, but the sun still rises more or less, the east and sets in the west.

But this theory does not disappear, I totally agree, but others swear by. Now he is my good friend who often comes over and begins to realign all the houseplants, I wish he had to stop, but he believes that the herbs work life and keep them strong, forcing them to readjust. Personally, I think only a really dirty trick in the world, and I wonder how you want, if someone screwed so I’ve become completely acclimated to their environment?

Okay so I have a better idea to help the plants out of a new invention. Try to imagine a Solar Tracker Sun Lazy Susan potted indoor plants, which sit on the floor of the plant in turn. The style is in turn directly under the battery, and the location of the detection system Sun, the plan is always facing the Sun. Side pot would be solar panels, always facing the sun and energy gain.

The energy is collected, or they move slowly rotating every hour or as needed, only turn taught at the wheel. Of course, this does not take much energy, but could use more energy to recharge cell phones, personal iPads or other small tech devices are too small for the inverter. So everybody is happy now. Hardware, iPad or smartphone, and you, and, finally, when someone tries to turn your plants, you can tell them that the system automatically starts, do not touch anything.

I think it’s inventions and innovations can be built around $ 150 and they sell for those who love plants and want to live green. Taking all this into account and I think it is.