Green Bathroom

Bathroom renovation? Want to go green? Here is a list of materials that can be used to upgrade an old bathroom to a new healthier and more environmentally friendly space.



Is this the thermal mass (ie, it collects heat during the day, and let the cool hours to save energy bills)
This is done by almost every state (and local)
coal fly ash receiver
It is lengthy and requires
Painted and / or stained


Made from natural products (eg linseed oil)
To a long life (almost 30 years)
It is virtually maintenance free
Come to a variety of color options


You can buy restore teak or other wood resistant to water (make sure the sand and impress them as well)


Non-toxic, no VOC-free paint

Almost every company now offers paint is VOC (volatile organic compounds, toxins in the air as a gas) line of the color mark


Recycled glass or ceramic tile

Many companies have taken a number of its brands, made from recycled materials


IceStone cons

Mixture of 100% recycled glass and concrete
Become a variety of colors
Made in Brooklyn

Paper Stone countertops

Made from recycled paper and non-toxic resins (to make more environmentally friendly, and exhaust)
Become a variety of colors
Extremely durable


The same advantages that the soil class
Can an integrated sink



A long life / low energy bills


The high cost
Extra long life

Or Sun Tunnel Skylight

Take advantage of natural light during the day, so you do not need to turn off the lights in bathroom


Dual flush / low flush toilets

Find toilet 1.6 gallons or less
Find two buttons flush toilet, for number one, two, and a

Low-flow faucet

Install on top of the sink faucet aerators to save water, see 1.5 GPM

low-flow shower

Search for a shower, which is 1.75 gpm or less


cabinets using FSC certified wood

FSC certified wood: the wood comes from sustainably managed forests

Use wood,

Use the old barn wood peeling paint to create a rustic look cool

Re for furniture

Find an old dresser and the Persian Gulf contractor and plumber to make you a vanity