Hydrofoil Scheme to Capture H2 and Feed the Gas Into the Engines for Propulsion

When two atmospheres of numerous density get together, at that time, there’s a transitional boundary layer, a location in which the molecules are interacting, recombining, a location where ionic connecting is happening or coming apart. It so happens here on the planet that two-thirds in our surface in the world is included with water. And where that sea water meets the environment, there’s a boundary layer where H2O molecules are unhooking themselves.

Within this devote time there’s a good amount of H2, a molecule which may be used as fuel to propel an individual made products, it may be employed for pumps on oilrigs, energy to operate the machines on the cruiseship, as well as to operate a higher-speed skimming vessel, speedboat, hydrofoil, or floatplane. Now then, how does one start creating this type of system to gather, trap, or collect that H2 that is three occasions more widespread for the reason that boundary layer compared to the standard atmosphere? Here are some ideas on the design I lately emerged with

We use hydrofoil strakes we design a shovel which bunches in the water, only in the surface, which rides up and lower across the hydrofoil strake because the strake permeates each wave continue. The shovel bunches in the water at the outset of the wake, and that we collect the environment from just while watching wake where it’s calm, only then do we do not have to worry just as much concerning the water vapor, however you will see some that is collected.

Okay so, we make use of a Bernoulli trick and permit a turbine style, jet engine formed device run from relative wind to suck up, but permit the water vapor, much heavier to blow round the intake, just like the sand blows around a helicopter jet engine, using Boeing’s design for that Apache. Then tubes are affixed to the hydrofoil strake using the H2 as much as the engines, on the way and water vapor left that unintentionally causes it to be in to the system or perhaps is collected is released using various methods of physics for example membranes, or perhaps a interior strakes within the tube leading to the H2 circulation inside a spiral, thus water molecules have outward.

This really is one concept that human design engineers “could” explore, I believe it’s workable, but when it is not it certainly has other uses, does not it for example, environment removal or perhaps a spinning device to combine fresh paint, with special films for example. Remember it’s all regulated just chemistry, physics, and fluid dynamics, nothing really everything special, still abundantly helpful with lots of programs. Just thinking aloud, I am certain I’ll convey more suggestions to pitch soon, when i check this out concept as rather intriguing.