Reuse Ideas – Turn Your Old Deck Into a New One

Tattered decks actually do not look sensible. one in every of the foremost common reasons decks downgrade over time is negligence. However, once treated with correct care, wood decks could last double as long.

The following makeover method may be undertaken with very little time, cash and energy. let’s examine however you’ll pair…a very nice Rustic furniture or just surprise your self you might find these book Building with Secondhand Stuff: How to Re-Claim, Re-Vamp, Re-Purpose & Re-Use Salvaged & Leftover Building Materials helpful for your journey reuse your old deck


Inspect and establish the areas that require repair. Some areas might have minor repair whereas some areas could demand complete replacements. Check if the joints square measure broken or rotten. The elements that are available in direct contact with the soil and water square measure extremely liable to harm and therefore have to be compelled to be inspected time to time. Check for the screws, bolts, fasteners and flashings as they loosen or get rusty over time.

You also have to be compelled to check for any popped drywall nails and the other cosmetic harm required to be fastened. Check for any loose wood round the deck and railings. Replace any lose screw and fix no matter you’ll. you’ll invariably rent skilled services if there is one thing major like exchange decking boards or treated pine.


Cleaning the decks is one in every of the foremost necessary things and each deck desires improvement a minimum of once a year. you’ll choose one appropriate deck cleaner and a brush in keeping with your improvement desires. If the deck is created of timber hardwood, initial sweep the ground with a soft-bristled broom to form positive all dirt and dirt particles square measure removed. currently use a clean mop or a material to wash the surface totally. Use 2 elements of water and one half or vinegar for improvement. you will conjointly add two tea luggage in boiling water and use it as a cleaner; this can conjointly add further shine to the decking boards.

It is higher to use weak focused chemical answer as these are simple for you to the touch. make certain you wear gloves and defend your eyes from the focused chemicals. defend the close plants conjointly by misting them or by covering them with correct plastic sheets. you will use pressure washers to get rid of robust stains. Once the improvement is completed make certain you allow the deck for a few time to dry out before applying any stain.


Use clear stains for brand new wood and translucent stains for previous deck wood. It adds radiance moreover as a protecting layer on the deck protective it from the cruel sun and damaging wet. Use a sprayer because it leaves a lot of stain on the deck rather a brush or rolling.

Apply the stain parallel to the decking boards from the within corners towards the out as this can avoid any thick spots.

Older woods want a lot of stain than the newer ones as they’re dry and therefore apply 2 to a few coats on previous decking. Apply the coats later because the second coat won’t be absorbed if the primary one dries.

At last, check if the railings want replacement or polish. it’s suggested to wash and paint the railings at the side of the deck in order that your house can look utterly revived.