Three Steps To Greener Living

People worldwide are becoming more interested in green living. There are three steps you can take to make your home greener and reduce the size of your greenhouse footprint. They are: install a rainwater tank, a solar power system and a grey water system. With these three things in place you will enjoy many benefits.

Not only will you help to make the planet healthier, you will be relying far less on outside resources and becoming more energy independent. Your energy and water bills will be greatly reduced and you will be able to bypass any water or energy restrictions in times of drought or power outage. You will thus be able to enjoy a reliable supply of water and power at all times.

A rainwater tank is easily installed and will pay for itself in reduced water bills in the years to come. Tanks come in many shapes: there are round ones which generally have a large capacity and slim line shapes which fit easily against a wall or at the back of the home. You can even buy more ornate rainwater tanks which add to the beauty of the home. Tanks are generally made of fibre glass, wood, steel or polyethylene plastic, making them durable and resistant to chemicals and rusting. The tanks are opaque so they do not let in sunlight, thus cutting down on the growth of algal blooms. They are also usually covered to keep out any insects and animal and bird droppings.

Water from rainwater tanks has many uses in the home. It can be used in the laundry, shower, to flush the toilet, clean your car and water your garden. If it is properly filtered and purified it may also be used in the kitchen for cooking and for drinking.

Powering your home by means of the sun is an excellent green living idea. It is safe, free and abundant. Your electricity bills will be reduced by more than half. Solar panels are installed on the roof by a professional, who will place them in just the right position to capture the maximum amount of sun and thus provide you with the maximum amount of electricity. It might seem like a large expense initially, but after a few years you will be enjoying almost free electricity. On cloudy days, the amount of electricity will be reduced and during the night, you can use stored back up power.

A solar energy system will heat your home, light your home and provide electricity for all the electrical appliances you use in your home. It will even supply the power for your heated swimming pool. You may possibly produce more energy than you need, in which case you can sell the excess back to the power company and make some extra money.

Every month of every year, thousands of litres of water are allowed to pour into storm water drains and out to the sea. By installing a grey water system, you can capture some of this precious water and water your garden with it. You can also capture, purify and filter the water from your shower, bath, washing machine and sink and use this water to flush the toilet and to water the garden. By doing this, you will reduce your water bills and you will be saving a very valuable resource. In times of drought when there are water restrictions your activities need not be curtailed, because you will have your own source of water to use as you wish.

Take these three simple steps to a better greener living lifestyle and you will not only be helping yourself financially, you will be saving the planet as well.